A - How to buy

Above all, we are buyers and hate websites that make the purchase process a pain in the a**, that's why we tried to keep the process as simple and easy as possible.

1 - You choose the record or records you want and place them in the shopping cart, which is always visible at the right side of the screen.

2 - Now you can control everything that you have added to your cart with a simple click on it. You can manage all the items that you selected, remove them, etc…  When you've finished managing the cart, you'll be able to calculate the shipping costs before confirming your purchase. Practical and easy. No surprises. At this point you can enter your discount codes if you have any.

3 - Confirm your purchase ... and we're almost done. Enter the required information so you can get your records with no troubles. All fields with an asterisk (*) need to be filled in. Please make sure you fill in your contact details in case there's any trouble with your order.

If you're a company, when filling your adress in the form below you have the option to use the same adress with ticking the box that says "My billing information is the same as the shipping address. Please check the box to not rewrite the data."

Your payment will be processed by Paypal but you won't need a Paypal account. During the payment process you'll be able to choose the credit card or debit car you'd like to use without having to set up a paypal account. Check that your details and e-mail are correct and click "confirm order".

You will automatically be redirected to Paypal to pay for your order. At the same time, if the payment is confirmed, you'll receive an email with all the details of your order. You'll be informed of everything, at all times and clearly.

B - Shipping

Both domestic and international shipping will be carried by "Correos", the spanish postal service. We consider this the best method. In takes an extra day compared to a private company but they're reliable and cheaper.

C - Condition of the records.

You can listen to all the records in our website. We record the actual records that are for sale with no filters or processes so you have no surprises.

In order to grade both the records and the covers in our catalog, we have chosen the next scale:

* M - (Mint) - Perfect in every way, never been played, possibly even still sealed. Exceptionally we can open it to check its condition before delivery to the post office.

* NM - (Near Mint) - A nearly perfect record. No obvious signs of wear. A 45 RPM or EP sleeve should have no more than the most minor defects, such as almost invisible ring wear.